‘Passage’ seeks to explore everyday life through body and movement. The performance applies rhythm as something inseparable from understandings of time, in particular repetition. It examines relations between urban life and rhythms inspired by traditional Persian music and dance.

Taking the concept of rhythm through the gaze of Henri Lefebvre’s ‘Rhythmanalysis’, ‘Passage’ project poses questions about the role space plays in our lives.
As consumers of time, we consume a fragment of time and likewise, occupy a fragment of space. Through this double aspect, rhythm enters into a general construction of time, movement and becoming. Observing a crowd attentively at peak times, one will recognize in the apparent disorder and also an order that reveals itself through rhythms: accidental or determined encounters and hurried or leisure people. In this is an on-going project, photography and film recordings were used to document the flow rhythms of movement in various urban spaces.

While working with Passage Project our engagement with the urban spaces developed from that of a passive user to a more critically investigative relationship. The performance represents our interpretation from diverse notes and tones of human life such as identity, stress, and serenity.